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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Back in slack

Dad's gone, so I'll shove all my thoughts about him into that tupperware container I call "emotions I prefer to repress." Back to my normal, mostly happy life!

Kayaking class was SO exciting, I got all pumped up about different kayaking trips I could take! I had never even THOUGHT about kayak camping, and now I'm thinking, yeah, gotta get a rack for the car, we could go every weekend, drive somewhere cool and put in! Maybe we need to get a new car so it can hold two kayaks ... The map of Puget Sound just looked so enticing! What a wonderful way to spend more time near the ocean! And then they even had a book on kayaking Baja, and I was getting all crazed about my little kayaking expedition with sallysimpleton two years ago ... thinking it's time to think big! Of course, I was wondering if we needed to get two two-seaters so we could fit the dogs in the back of the kayaks. What a joke! I can just imagine Shadow in the kayak, barking at a killer whale and then falling overboard.

The Greenlake Hiroshima memorial was just lovely. Walking away from the lake in the twilight, along the little luminaria-lit pathway, through the crowds of lantern-carrying folks, with shakuhachi (whatever, Japanese flute) music being played in the distance was so goose-pimply pretty I couldn't stand it. My father was well behaved, and Stephanie actually got him to do his own floating lantern. Afterwards, she and I and Maurie walked along the lake over to Tacos Guaymas, where we met the boys and had some late night happy hour with nosh. My only regret is getting home at 11:30, but I sure slept well.
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