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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Basic strokes and They Drive By Night

We spent the morning and a good deal of the afternoon at the Northwest Outdoor Center, working on improving our kayaking skills in steadily decreasing rain. Most of our time was spent at the far south end of Lake Union, next to the Center for Wooden Boats in a little inlet that looked for all the world like a Superfund site. I remember hanging out on its shores when I worked at Onvia - it is actually very pretty, with the pilings rising up out of the water, the blackberry bushes on the bank, and a lone heron standing on a pole. Anyway, we worked on turning our kayaks with the paddles, doing it with just adjusting our weight, and coming righting yourself from an extreme tilt. Worthy Opponent found this a great opportunity for a short swim, and I was impressed that he managed to both keep his hat on and recover his jacket. After lunch (back at the dock), we spent some time learning about how to read current and tide charts. At least, we listened to the instructor talk about them. I was pretty tired by then. I'm looking forward to our trip to Deception Pass tomorrow, though.

As for tonight, after we went home and napped, walked the dogs, and ate, we went to the Grand Illusion with dagman_b to see They Drive By Night, a movie from 1940 starring Humphry Bogart as a trucker. It kind of captured the hard-scrabble life of a trucker, including the stresses it puts on a marriage, and I thought it made a nice complement to other members of the noir genre. However, I can't imagine actually watching it on video - it just wasn't exciting enough, but it did make for a nice night's out, and got us home early enough to be out of here by 8 tomorrow.

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