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Mixed messages - Nightmare in Ashland

My dad called last night (from Olathe, KS, where he lives) to give me the update on his adventures getting home and to let me know what a good time he had playing Princes of Florence while we was here. Then he told me that I was "daddy's little girl, but you're showing your age," which made me ask him what about his comments that I was looking "ageless" he made when he was here (which I found suspect at the time). He tried to backpedal by saying that my face was getting rounder, which certainly was very becoming on many people (um, hello, you don't say that I'm looking old and then follow up by saying that I look fat), and, god, something else equally insulting which I've now forgotten. He also said he thought it might be fun some time in the future for him, his kids, and our respective spouses to do a four or five day roadtrip together. (Yeah, baby, sign me up, or I could just be the clown in the dunk tank at the county fair). I suggested perhaps an Amtrak trip from Seattle to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare festival might be a good time.

I told him that I was expecting him to have a blow-up at me the next time I saw him and that rather than being nervous about my sister coming for a visit (as he had suggested), I was nervous about him jumping all over me again. He said that that wasn't going to happen any more, that he tries very hard to watch what he says around me, "and I don't have to do that around Chris, I can just say whatever I want." As if I have a problem with being overly sensistive. Does he have no concept of how differently he treats us?

I still am planning on writing about our kayaking trip, but I'm going to wait for sometime today when either I need to take a break at work or simply when I've got home. I'm expecting it's going to be a blisteringly busy day. As of Friday PM we were done with 3% of our 5000+ test cases ...

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