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Monday, and Deception Pass Kayaking

I spent most of this morning futzing around on LJ. I did a naughty thing and joined a new community, booktards, and got so many responses to my question about a science fiction (or fantasy!) book that I couldn't put down that I basically just kept returning to the page over and over again. Later I was more naughty and YIMed my friend Rafael down in San Diego (he started it!), which I think is why I got out the door so late we were reduced to happy hour at Ohana, which is all day on Mondays. It was a great happy hour, though, and I just may make it a standing Monday date. I'm going to do a review of it on my other site - soon, I swear.

Okay, about kayaking yesterday -

We got there very promptly at 9:45 and waited half an hour for our instructors to show up. The rain was pissing down on the drive up, but that turned out to be a good thing, as it discouraged other, less intrepid (stupid?) wateristas from clogging up Coronet Bay. When we finally got going at about 10:45, the current was rapidly approaching its peak (6 knots if you speak nautica). It was fun to practice crossing the current ("ferrying") but kind of "another world"-y -- you'd be going straight across ("Doop de doo!") and BOOM your kayak has just turned 45 degrees and you are going downstream. It was like spinning out without having to fear imminent death. But I did have an Imminent Death Moment, when all 10 of the kayaks were "rafted" together for stability in a quiet spot (and "eddy") behind an island, and a schmuck in some boat worth more than my house blasted by, sending huge waves our way. First I had to worry about getting swamped, then the other kayaks smashing down bottom-first
on my hull, and finally being dashed against the unforgiving rocky cliffside that had just been sheltering us. It was a very 2001 earthquake kind of moment for me ("Gee, if the bus bounces any higher we're going to go right of the edge of this bridge!").

We saw pretty nature stuff - herons, a bald eagle, angry little river otters, pretty silver fish, purple and blue starfish, a sea urchin, harbor seals - and didn't really work all that hard all day long, except for the final long paddle from Yokeko Point back to our put-in spot. The sun came out, I didn't sunburned, and although I was tired and sore shadowdaddy was hurting enough today to take an aspirin. Yay me! (I did cut my foot a little on a barnacle-covered rock at the lunch site, though.) Plus we got to stop by the White Trash Food Festival on the way back. Darn us for running out of money - we only had enough to get one ice cream cone at the huge farm stand on the way back, where we ran into half of our kayaking class. I slept like a baby all the way home and consider the day a big success. Next summer: Vancouver Island! (Oh - and this winter - Baja! Well, maybe.)

And I end with this charming haiku, which actually had me guffawing, especially since it's Monday again.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:webcowgirl
Your haiku:welcome to monday
i just stepped in a large
puddle of cold cat
Created by Grahame

Ohmigod, that's so funny -

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:webcowgirl
Your haiku:tupperware i lied
for today my qa brain is
thinking super hard
Created by Grahame

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