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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy at R Place

We ran into Kim Pineda while we were shopping at Fred Meyers yesterday. He was there with his little girl, a right cute little thing, and his new wife. He was so cold to me, and I noticed, with the two of them next to each other, that in fact both of them were cold to me. They wouldn't look me in the eye, they couldn't be bothered to actually have any sort of conversation with me, it was just,"Oh, hi." And I remembered how five years ago we used to really be friends. I'd come over to his (and his girlfriend's) house and watch Friends, we'd trade science fiction books, he came over for Thanksgiving. And then one day ... I still don't know what brought it on (but it was long before he got married), but I keep thinking the initial snit was because I said he was a big guy over a pizza party. And this made him really mad at me. Then, after that, he stopped wanting me to be involved in his (classical) band, although I'd been their volunteer coordinator and stage manager for two years. I kept offering to do more, and he just kind of slowly relegated me to passing out refreshments during the show ... and let some new bitch he had in the band basically push me out of my other duties, never once standing up for me. This bitch is the same one who told another person locally that he shouldn't allow me to work for his group because I was a trouble maker. So did she poison Kim or did Kim poison her? And wouldn't it just be easier if maybe we all pretended we didn't know each other? I feel like the only reason he will even say hello to me is because I'm on the board of this other organization and we see each other a lot because of it ... and being favored by this other organization is good for his career locally. Anyway, that gets my goat, and I was stewing about it all the way home.

At 8 I headed over to R-Place to meet miss_villanelle and Rebecca (and later, to my surprise, motomotoyama) for "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." To my irritation, Bravo decided to change their schedule unannounced, and my first hour was pretty much wasted (although I did get to see the video for "Dirty," and it just makes me ask, do teenaged girls really think that orange skin and a whole lot of eyeliner is the sexy part of Christina/Brittany whatever she is?). But the show itself was a big laugh, and I loved being surrounded by a bar-full of people who were laughing at a lot of the unintentional humor. Yeah, it was funny to hear one of the "Fab Five" say that this week's token straight guy was "hung like a bee," but it was funnier to hear them laugh when TSG kissed one of the F5 on the cheek and then wiped his lips like it might have been catching. I think I can do this every week!

I'm sure I had something I wanted to complain about but I can't remember what it is, and I've got lots of work to do today so I'm going to hop to it. Lunch at 12:15 under the Aurora Bridge - who wants to join me?
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