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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Zep; Books; Booze; Rat; Bike

I met up with varina8 and went to the Ellen Forney reading at Elliot Bay. I wound up sitting two seats over from Sherman Alexie, who's work I've never read and about whom I really know nothing.

Damn, Ellen is funny! Her "My date with Camille Paglia" bit rocked. And she looked HOT in her little white cut-out dress. Dang. Of course I bought the book and got it signed, chatting all the while with varina8 about moving and stuff. Afterwards, we went upstairs and I found another Jo Clayton book in the used section! W00t, how could we not go to Marcus's Martini Heaven to celebrate?

Home at 9:30, I discovered my teensy little Persian had caught a full sized rat. No more little 'uns for her, she's taking on her own size now! Then flaminghalo came by and took my cute old Schwinn away. I was sad to see it go but I could hardly imagine a better home - she was already in love with it before they met. Soon I'm hoping I'll sell enough stuff to be able to buy my own shiny laptop. But ... where do I get the awesome brocade bag to hold it in? I've lost the card from the merchant who had them at I Heart Rummage but I still want to buy one!

PS: Today's card: Queen of Cups: A person of generous and loving nature, graceful and sparkling as a mountain stream, or deep and serene as a country lake. A poetess, musician or actress.

Not sure what that means as a fortune.
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