Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Let's bug Harborview

Talked to Darlene from the City and then Larry our County Council rep yesterday evening. Darlene said it's time for us to bug Harborview. Larry said he wasn't going to bug Harborview, but he was trying to get Conlin on the phone to talk about getting the delay passed. He also said we should bug this woman at Harborview (Chayet)'s second up boss, possibly the director of Harborview. Conlin wrote that night and said he really like our neighborhood's proposal, and that he could see we had put a lot of work into it. How nice! I asked Annie and Dan if they could possibly do some architecty sketches of our proposal to show at the meeting Saturday. Hopefully this will happen.

On the drive in today, I was relishing the natural beauty surrounding me (as I sat in my steel box flying down the asphalt canyon). The hills are covered with pine trees, the sun was breaking over the snow-capped peaks of the Snoqualmies, and mist was hanging low in the air. Man, it was great! And can I mention how much I love showing up at 9:30? Sure, I'm leaving at 6, but I'm missing all the traffic. Of course, if I ever get in bed before 11:30 I might consider coming in earlier, but since I'm falling asleep at my desk after 3 PM I think making sure I get 8 hours is more important than getting here earlier.

Had dinner with Irene last night at that Japanese place on Broadway whose name I can never remember. Afterwards (spurred by our conversation) we went to Bailey Coy so I could pick up copies of Fast Food Nation and Nickled and Dimed, where we ran into the illustrious Miss Ellen Forney! My plans of setting her up with Celine have been foiled, however, as she appears to have aquired a boyfriend (the nerve, not like I'd spent enough time with her to even have the opportunity to get a set-up going) as well as a new job teaching at Cornish. It was very nice to see her again, and it was super cool that she approached me. Yay!
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