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The sun, like death, refuses to set

Damn the oppressive sunshine and long days. How I learn to loathe them! After being stuck in traffic three times today (to the airport, from the airport, home from work - leading me to take a merry detour through a greenbelt on the side of Capitol Hill), I find it early and the sun urging me to go out, my lass! And spend the evening in the company of jolly friends (as per my plans). And yet the heat in my office combined with the long delays in traffic has exhausted me and left me wishing only to go to bed. But I can't: the sun is shining and I must still go out and do something. Did this have to be the day that I came home and found that the white dog had gotten into several completely non-dog-intriguing things on the counter, just enough to make a huge mess in the kitchen? Did this have to be the day I said I'd go through item after item rescued from my grandmother's house by my brother? Did this have to be the day I was obliged to stay half an hour late for work to attend a meeting, and then an extra hour late to finish the work the meeting interrupted?

If this were only winter it would already be dark and I could GO TO BED and no one would care.


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