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Hello, drawbridge, hello, Le Fournil

Scooting down Capitol Hill this morning I was faced with a terrible reality. Yes, I had waited too long to get my ass out of the door for work, and the drawbridge was up. However, since I had planned to stop by Le Fournil anyway, I was mostly aggravated because I couldn't just get out of my car and walk into the bakery, but had to wait for the bridge to finish its business and go back down again so I could get into the garage and off of the street. I felt indulgent and got a strawberry croissant as well as the fruit tart I had come in for. Yum! I had been thinking about going in there on the way to work for many days, but didn't want to bug shadowdaddy with a request to stop. But he's in a kayak off of the California coast today, so there was no one holding me back ...

I'm unsure if I'm going out to lunch or not yet, but I'm contemplating after work Pilates (although I don't see it on the schedule) before my trip to my brother's house for Settlers of Catan.

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