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Panic attack

My boss just came up to me and said that since the client doesn't have the code ready for 2/3 of this project that we'll be looking at time off after we finish this section, possibly after Tuesday. I am flipping out and he really seems not to get that "just take some time off" isn't a good response when they've given me 2/3 of the time I've been working here off already.

I actually watched my short term memory completely dive and I'm now in the mode of extreme distraction that accompanies a panic attack. All I can think of is "must get a job! Must get a job!" I've made three jobbie contacts in the last five minutes and I keep refreshing my Yahoo mail to see if I got a response to any of them yet.

Jesus CHRIST on a TRISCUIT I just want to know that I HAVE A FUCKING JOB so I can NOT STRESS OUT ABOUT MONEY ALL THE FUCKING TIME! This getting jacked around thing is FOR THE BIRDS! Do you SEE wings on my back? Are those FEATHERS on my head? NO!!!
Tags: job, panic, quardev

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