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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維


I don't consider myself a cat person (I like ALL animals!) but this cute little persian kitty I got as a birthday present is turning me into a bundle of kitty love, so much so that it's kind of embarrassing. She comes when I call (and always talks to me when I call her), sits in my lap when I'm on my computer (or pretty much whenever she can get away with it), and doesn't care how I pick her up as long as I'm holding her. My other cat (who I've had for about 17 years now) comes when I call but has never been as crazily affectionate as Boo (but to be fair Hestia loves me a bunch, she's pretty old and doesn't like to run around after me like Boo does). Boo has me wrapped around her little finger, though ... except when I'm sleeping and she jumps on my (long) hair ... 'cause ain't nobody waking this sleeping woman up!

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