Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

The day I ended my employment at Tripadelic

I take it all back, you guys are awesome.

I left work and went to the Frye and got myself the 2006 Group of 7 calendar I'd had my eye on last Thursday. Then, after a nap, I dropped off some dry cleaning and a broken shoe and got myself sized for the octopus ring I'm getting made ... and then promptly left the keys for the car in the dry cleaners. Agh. I am a moron when I haven't had enough sleep.

Anyway, made it to the Comet at 6, left at .... God, 10 PM? It was fantastic. I looked around at all of the nice people who'd come out, from a wide variety of backgrounds, and felt just really happy about everything. And I'm not letting myself feel sad or cry, it will just make me feel all crappy and I need to keep my energy up before I leave. Thank you, folks. I'll do an LJ check sometime after the pitcher of cider I think I had wears off. Now I'm going to watch some Lain. Oh, yeah, and I went back to Claire's Celtic Stichery and got in an order, set to deliver to wechsler's place. Here's the details if you've got the stitchin' bug:

Art Noveau Geranium Spectacle Case
Art Noveau Irises Needlecase
Art Noveau Daffodils Pincushion
Art Noveau Columbine Bookmark
Morning Glory Bookmark
Poppies Bookmark
Art & Crafts Small Carnation P/C
Badgers Miniature
Classical Garden Bookmark
S4 CRM Glasgow Tulips
Tudor Hearts Pincushion

Lain now, productive tomorrow.

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