Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

A man and a rooster walk into a bar

So I get this email from Dauntons: "Good Morning: Just a quick email, I noticed that you registered in one of our local offices recently. Just thought I would send a quick email to see if you would also consider the Woking area and surrounding villages as a potential location.. Situated in the heart of Surrey, Woking is a modern town born out of the railways and communications revolution, with excellent rail links to the South West and London Waterloo just 25 minutes away.

(I do really hate getting unsolicited commercial email of this sort. I didn't give my email address to Agent 1 so agent 400 could bug me.)

And I say: "That's not exactly in "woking" distance of Hammersmith, and that's what I'm looking for. Sorry!"
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