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Worthy Opponent's return

Exciting part first:

Traffic was bad last night at the airport. There was a big backup to get into the passenger pickup zone (apparently the thing to do now is go to the ticketing area and pick people up there), and after I had successfully navigated the confusing signage to where Worthy Opponent stood with his bag, we departed and shortly saw someone swerve to change lanes and hit a traffic cone. This was the same person who, five minutes later, had a truly spectacular spinout on a two lane bridge heading to the freeway. We're talking hit the wall, maybe two complete 360s, finally bouncing car-ass-end off of the wall so the car was sitting at a 90 degree angle to the normal flow of traffic, in a place with almost no shoulder where cars routinely travel at 60 mph. They were right in front of us - or would have been if I didn't practice the freakishly old fashioned driving habit called "safe following distance," which meant that while these guys were going all Peggy Fleming on the roadway, I was slowing down and pulling off to the side of the road with my hazard lights on so that if for some reason they started heading TOWARD me I would be able to get out of the way. They wound up about two car lengths in front of where we had stopped, they DIDN'T hit any other cars (a friggin' miracle, people usually fill both lanes and travel at breakneck speeds), and after I ascertained that there were no apparent injuries (I could see a girl in the rear passenger side sitting there with her face white, but not screaming or bloody or anything), I gunned around the car and headed out. No sense blocking the lane (I imagined an eventual chain reaction of cars hitting each other as they came toward the curve going too fast to stop), and since I didn't have a cell phone I couldn't call any emergency vehicles. It was the same thing I did when there was that 18 car pileup outside of Flagstaff, what, 15 years ago? It was happening all around me and my instinct was to A) not get involved in the crashes while they were happening B) get away from the mess. My guess is that these girls probably just started the car up and went home - it didn't look to mangled.

Okay, Puerto Rico at Cathy's yesterday was fabulous, what with the patented Faboo Cathy Spread (that girl actually bought me my favorite recreational beverage!) and Perfectview (across the lake with Ranier in the background) in full play. Her brother won on his very game, but I made it very competetive by NOT playing the Mayor role during the last round (I was the last person), meaning Cathy's two large buildings did not get their special features activated. Of course, this meant my one didn't either, but I figured that Cathy was my main competition and knocking her out 12-18 victory points was well worth the 6 point loss I would take on my building. That was, I am sure, the margin of victory by which her brother won, and, in fact, I might have won if I had played the mayor, but I seriously figured her to be the main competition. I'll have to ask what her point spread was and see if it would have taken her over the top if she had been able to get the extra points from her big buildings.

At work today, my big goal is to get that call back from IDX. We'll see if it happens ...

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