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Stressing out

So haggling with the agent over the flat just made me feel really blue. I'm sure there's something in the neighborhood that doesn't have a sparkly river view but does have a little garden in the back where I could make things grow. I decided that rather than just faxing him back the contract I'd go for a walk and try to visit the bank in Hammersmith (they said I don't exist, FYI - no idea where that big deposit has run off to). Walking on the banks of the river, I could see all sorts of birds, including some wild swans. Across the river was some dog, barking barking barking at the birds, and suddenly ...

I missed my dog

I missed my garden

I missed running up the two flights of stairs to my house and bursting indoors, and

I realized/remembered all of those things were gone.

And I was sad. I still am. I need a cheer up. Glad I hate crying at work so much, or I'd feel much more out of control right now.
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