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Why lettings agents are The Stupid

Agent: I can't read the expiration date on your visa, can you please recopy it?
Me: The copy is very clear, I suspect the problem is with the fax machine.
Agent: Well, can you refax it?
Me: I don't see how the quality of the fax will improve if I do that.
Agent: Can you bring it by the office, then?
Me: What, take an hour and a half off work to get this to you? What about you drive up the road and get it from me?
Agent: No, I can't do that. (Though she has a car and spends all day driving around and is about 10 minutes away.) We need your bank information.
Me: I said in my email that I do not yet have a bank account.
Agent: Oh, I didn't get that yet.
Me: I sent it over an hour ago.
Agent: Well, I guess I'll have to check it. When do you think you'll have a bank account?
Me: Like I said in the email, by the end of the week.
Agent: What about items we need to have faxed from your husband? I haven't received them yet.
Me: As I said in the email, I've asked him to send them to you, but not until your day is over as he is in the states and there is a time difference.
Agent: What about the reference information for your husband? I haven't received a form for him.
Me: I wasn't told one was necessary.
Agent: Why is that?
Me: I don't know, I'm not an agent.
Agent: I'm trying to figure out the logic here behind why you were told you didn't need a reference for your husband.
Me: Well, you could ask the agent, but if you think about it you'll note he doesn't have a job, a bank account, or a UK address, and otherwise his information is identical to mine, including the address and such. I can't possibly see why you'd need to do a reference check on him as there's just no information to gather.
Agent: Well, that doesn't mean we don't need to do a reference check.

(I am wondering if this is just a ploy to get an additional £40 out of me, this is so irritating! Now I'm going to run upstairs and put the envelope with the xerox of my visa in the mail. I guess it couldn't have been too important since she wouldn't come up here to get it!)
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