Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

But it wasn't a bad dream

I dreamed last night that I had cancer and I had a month to live. All of my friends had stopped talking to me because they didn't want to watch it happening. In the end, I was living in my car because I had no place else to live, and even the people who were in charge of the park where I had parked didn't want me there.

I also dreamed about flocks of hummingbirds and tame rainbow lories that landed on my fingers when I held them out in front of me.

Last night seemed almost normal for me. I met robot_mel at the Curzon Mayfair (God, that neighborhood is so posh). The movie, Air Hostess, was totally comic - the women wanting the job were all so very dramatic, and there were catfights, and there were scenes that seemed like they were straight out of the department of tourism (all of the color shots of Singapore, Taiwan, and Bangkok were really gorgeous), and of course there was a calypso dance sequence because it was, oh, 1959 (shades of Damn Yankees). Afterwards she and I yacked and yacked about her life in Seattle, trying to figure out who all we knew in common besides the obvious (the one we almost agreed on was just too comic) and just yammering on in general about stuff as people who are meeting for the first time will. It did really feel like it could have been a conversation I'd had with someone at home, and I didn't feel nearly so much like I was in some movie about me, but more like I was just living my life. That was good.
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