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OMG Moroccan chicken with squash and prunes is teh R0xx0r

Wow, that was such a good dinner. I basically mixed this recipe and this together, kind of improving all the way, so we had prunes and squash and dried apricots with turmeric, fresh garlic sauteed with onions, whole coriander and cumin seeds, some cinnamon, ginger powder, a little honey and God knows what else as there was a thing of "Moroccan spice" sitting in the cabinet and I coated the chicken with it before I fried it up (but not overcooking so the whole thing could simmer together for about 15/20 minutes while the couscous cooked and the chicken added its flavor to everything). Man, who would think squash could taste so good? We used a little orange cutie I picked up at the farmers's market last Thursday. I tossed some golden raisins and nutmeg in with the couscous. Damn! I probably could have served five people tonight ...
Tags: food porn
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