Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

It's the end of my second week at work and start of my third

I realized yesterday that I'm about to head into the longest period I've ever been away from shadowdaddy. I got a nice long talk in with him last night, which made me happy, but I want him to get the heck over here.

I am also in sore need of someone to see some modern dance (and maybe ballet) with me over the next month. Might this be you? Don't claim poor; I'd be happy to treat if you're genuinely interested (just be preparted for seats near the rafters). I've got shows I want to see on October 9/10, 11-14, and 20-21. (These are the various Dance Umbrella events; butoh, William Forsythe company, and Stephen Petronio company.) There's also some Stravinksy ballets being put on at the Royal Opera House from October 5-16th that I'd enjoy seeing. Anyway, I want to get these tickets bought while I still have a credit card I can use, so please SPEAK UP.

So, as a kind of ticky-box list of accomplishments, I note that since I've been here I've:
1) read three books (finished Jo Clayton's Skeen's Leap this morning; instantly went to her Drum Into Silence
2) seen two live shows
3) seen two movies
4) conducted a phone interview all by myself. That's pretty good! Now if only I can get my work permit letter mailed off (crucial for shadowdaddy's visa application) and my US prescription refilled, I'll be sitting pretty.
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