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This is not the pun you're looking for

I saw Hou Hsiao Hsien's latest movie Three Times last night with robot_mel. No, we did not watch it three times, we only saw it once. The Prince Charles cinema was as cheap as promised (£4 tickets!), but I had to break down and use my credit card as my mobile ran out of minutes just as I was talking to the estate agent about the status of my application (dammit). I wound up charging a PC membership and my ticket, still saving 50 pence after the extra credit card fee, but I was able to have a ham sandwich before the movie (£2.50) and a bowl of duck and noodle soup at a Chinese food restaurant behind the theather for £3.50 after, so I wound up not utterly emptying my wallet and was able to buy a copy of Time Out (the theater special!) this morning and still have *shakes wallet* £2.45 to my name. Ooh baby, I'm skint. Guess I'll be going to the bank over lunch. They'd BETTER have some paycheckola waiting for me. (And I forgot to bring my lunch today, dammit, so I'll get that taken care of while I'm out, too.)

The movie was very enjoyable if you're good watching fantastically lush movies where people don't talk very much. The subsegments were "A Time for Love," "A Time for Freedom," and "A Time for Youth," thus the "Three Times," though truly the name was mistranslated and should have been "The Best of Times." Very nice.

Freaking Medco has fucked up my prescription again, so I will have to have shadowdaddy go to Safeway and mail me some pills on Saturday. Woe, woe is me. But on the other hand the comments I have heard about bad customer service in England are clearly not problems limited to one side of the pond.
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