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Another random fix

Sooo ... I haven't had my early music fix in AGES. Months, at least. And in the Metro this morning they said that the English Touring Opera is doing Monteverdi's Orfeo this Friday and they've got £13 seats in the stalls.

Yummmmmmy Orfeo. I've heard the music before and I think it's lovely (at least it was in the puppet theater version I saw/heard in Prague). Of course, 17th century opera isn't everyone's cup of tea ... but it sure is mine. Interested? At that price, I'd be happy to treat you (since I got paid on Friday, yay!).

Also, wechsler and I went to El Panzon in Brixton last night, and I did very much enjoy my tacos and the accompanying quesadilla and refried (black) beans sides. I'll have to go back and try the enchiladas.
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