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I am slowly becoming a real boy, and My Schedule for October

As usual, this is mostly for my information, but since I always tell people, "If you can't remember what I'm doing, just look on LJ!" I'm posting this now.
Tonight and tomorrow: experience exhaustion.
4 Wednesday: Dinner date, possibly movie.
5 Thursday: Royal National Ballet Stravinsky program (<3!) with itsjustaname.
6 Friday - 8 Sunday: no plans yet. May go see Monteverdi's Orfeo Friday, but would like someone to go with me. Also want to get in some board games over the weekend. NOTE: now going to see Phantom of the Opera silent movie with orchestral accompaniment at Royal Opera House, 8 PM.
9 Monday: no plans Alison Bechdel at ICA. OOPS WRONG DAY
10 Tuesday: see the butoh Zarathusra with lilithmagna.
11 Wednesday: movie night with somefox?
12 Thursday: William Forsythe Company at Sadler's Wells with bathtubgin, I could scream I'm so excited to see them.
13 Friday: no plans yet, uh, er, well, B-movie, I suppose.
14 Saturday: I move into my apartment today but suspect I'll spend most of it at Polyday anyway
15 Sunday: um, I don't know, something will come up.
18 Wednesday: dinner with wechsler
19 Thurs: movie with werenerd
20 Friday: I've asked to take the day off so I can go to Brighton and hang out with folks.
22 Sunday: Go to the Cider Festival at Middle Farm.
Now we're getting out into the waaaay future and I really DON'T know what's going on other than:
23 Monday: see Alison Bechdel with plumsbitch.
25 Wednesday: Birmingham Royal ballet's Firebird with the lovely bathtubgin.
26 Thursday: see Princess at the Odeon West End.
27 Friday: day off work, meet shadowdaddy at airport, yay!
28 Saturday: matinee of BRB's Romeo and Juliet at Sadler's Wells.
29 Sunday: probably do shopping and things with shadowdaddy.
30 Monday: ?
31 Tuesday: ?
Missing from my schedule: any Halloween fun, any parties at people's houses, a trip to 39 Steps and Cryptogram and Exiles and, er, Cabaret. Also Alan Cumming has a new show going on and I MUST see it.

In my quest to become a real person, I have today
Signed a Rental Agreement and
Received a Debit Card

Still to come:
Paying tremendous deposit on apartment
Getting a UK credit card
Gym membership
NI number
Local doctor
Cell phone/agreement
Tickets to go somewhere on vacation with shadowdaddy (Egypt for Christmas?)
Move into new apartment
Pay council tax (also heard of a "stamp tax" today, and clues?)
Set up utilities for new place
Have people over for a party
Cook a meal in my own kitchen
Have people over for dinner

When I have accomplished all of these things, then I will feel like I have really moved.
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