Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
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Londoner. Phantom.

If you're local and scanning, read this and this and tell me if you're free on Sunday. (Read notes at bottom for more info.)

Walking toward the Hammersmith Bridge along the banks of the Thames makes me feel kind of thrilled to be living here (provided I don't have my nose buried in a book and I'm remembering to dodge the dog poop on the sidewalk). Today I've got my London Girl clothes on - well, at least, I'm wearing the red and black jacket and matching skirt I picked up from Debenham's this weekend - a "welcome to London and congrats on your first paycheck" present to me - and the boots I bought last winter intending to wear here (flat and waterproof, perfect for commuting with walks). My joke to myself is that I'm (mod) London Barbie today, perfectly accessorized with matching bags under my eyes.

The whole purpose of my walk was to go to the bank, where I discovered my bonus check has deposited (yay!) but my check from home most decidedly has not. I also discovered I do NOT qualify for a credit card until I've had my account for three months - how incredibly frustrating! It's time for me to cancel all of my cards back home and I can't really do this until I can ... well, I'll manage, I can pay for stuff online with my bank card so I'm probably ready to bite the bullet. While I was there, I had them draw up a cashier's check for my deposit and first month's rent - it was all just too much money to comprehend so I decided to not think about it and instead get irritated over the outrageous £15 fee they charged me to write the check. Wow! This is customer service? I'm surprised they didn't ask for a pint of my blood to boot.

At any rate, I'm ready to go with the deposit at least. For now, it's back to writing a test plan. But first ... I read that they're doing Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera this weekend at the Royal Opera House with orchestral score. Anyone interested in coming with (provided it's not already sold out)?
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