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Go Go London Girl

I was really going to do my shallow fashion post but instead I'm doing the boring dinner post. My trainer/peer guy came by at five 'til six and kept me for rather a while. I had this fear he was going to go, "Too much IM with husband!" or, "You're guilty of printing too many articles off of the New York Times!" but thankfully it was just some boring personnel and training issue. However, it made me rather late home, not helped by the District and Circle lines both puking tonight (making me go to Green Park to transfer instead of Victoria - boring commuter details). In short, dinner, which was curry pineapple chicken (free formed from a variety of spices, none of which were the curry powder called for in the original recipe) with potatoes (for the hell of it) and sides of basmati/wild rice (with turmeric for pizzazz) and callaloo (from a can, my cheater backup), was ready to eat at an incredibly "past my dinnertime" hour. This plus supermarket naan (which ROCKS here, about a million times better than TJs) and a bottle of "vintage Herefordshire cider" mean I'm now very full and very tired. Lame to not eat until 8:40. Lame to not really be able to do anything else after dinner but dink on LJ and YIM for a tiny bit, take a shower, and put the leftovers in the fridge.

Now, shower. Night all.


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Oct. 3rd, 2006 10:49 pm (UTC)
Ah, so the District and Squircle lines still smell of wee - I have not-very-fond memories of them when I was living in Bayswater and travelling to Euston Square for uni.
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