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And the upstairs still isn't clean

Took a tip from Penelope Corcoran and went to the Sichuan Chinese Restaurant ("Old Szechuan" if you can read Chinese) for dinner tonight. We went for the spicy beef chow mein and lamb steak Szechuan style. Both were spicy, each deliciously different from the other. The noodles tasted fresh and were coated with chili pepper flakes; the lamb had a slight barbeque searing thing going on that made it great. We were very tempted to order the "ants on tree" (ground pork with rice and scallions "which are the leaves of the tree") and pork with HaRoBeNo pepper (say it once and think about it), but we'll just have to go back and try again later.

What was terrible though is how wonderfully sunny it was, and I am feeling the pangs of summer coming to an end, so I think I need to be getting out and doing things; but there is so much work to be done with cleaning the house I knew I shouldn't go out. And I'm kind of thinking I should have made more of an effort on Sunday, and I should make more of an effort tonight, but I'm tired of it all and thinking that a bowl of ice cream would be the way to go right now.

My LiveJournal Sitcom
I Love webcowgirl (CBS, 10:30): webcowgirl (Bridget Fonda) and dagmar_b (Ursula Andress) sneak a hairbrush into a hotel. That weekend, ciphergoth (W.C. Fields) dances with miss_villanelle (Natalie Portman). At the same time, shadowdaddy (Lee Marvin) draws a picture on satan_dot_com's (Guy Pearce)'s forehead. Also, skarrin (Catherine Bell) takes vampgyrl (Linda Blair)'s daughter on a date and ends up necking. The week after, miss_villanelle (Jason Alexander) makes fun of sallysimpleton (Lily Tomlin) for enjoying modern dance. Insanity ensues.
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