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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

I'd love to be TGIF instead of being Blue Friday

Once again, six PM rolled around and I felt flatter than a French pancake. I'd just finished paying the deposit on the flat and was standing at the East Putney tube stop, and suddenly I felt lonely and worn out and, "What am I doing here?" The stop is in no way pretty or charming (like Baron's Court), the houses just all seemed oppresive in their inaffordability, and I'd just been reminded again that I have no freaking money left in my account because HSBC still hasn't cashed that damned check.

I made it to Picadilly Circus and somehow came out right at the Criterion. The cheap seats were all obstructed view, and I couldn't stomach 20 pound seats (which weren't even really all that good) when I could have had them for ten if only I'd bought earlier. I just felt broke, broke, broke.

And then I got lost. I could see a church down one street and a pillar with a statue on top town another, but I suddenly didn't know where I was and there was no A to Zed to save me. I started panicking. I was hit by that feeling I got in Japan when I thought I don't speak the language, I will never be able to eat anything, except it was I'm in a town I don't know, I'm stuck here, and I am incapable of getting around on my own because this is not my home.

I did find the A to Zed and oriented myself, but all the joy had gone out of my evening and all I wanted to do was NOT rush around, have some noodles and a cider, and call the night done (and cheap). wechsler caught up with me at the TKTS office at Leiceister Square and didn't complain about the sudden change of plans. We went to Woo Sang for noodles (where I went to with robot_mel two weeks ago) and then walked back along my Path of Lost to a ship-themed pub (can't remember the name) for a pint and a chat. Then it was groceries and back to the flat. Woo, am I not living the life of great excitement? At any rate, it's 11 PM and I am, really and truly, calling it a night.

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