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Mentally congested

As it turns out, the cheapest box of kleenex at Boots is Kleenex "For Men," which is giant-sized kleenex in a red and black box. This is good.

I'm chilly at work and am looking at getting a pair of tights over my lunch break to keep my legs warm.

The people at the letting agency are saying that now I'm going to have to pay them an extra £80 to move in as the landlord won't be able to check the contents of the flat herself. However, I have cancelled my US credit cards, shadowdaddy has moved the money out of the checking account that I have the debit card for, and I'm left with about £160 to live on through the end of the month. I don't want to give half of that to the letting agents. It's plenty to get by on but half of this is not. And I SIGNED the document saying I was paid in full as near as I can tell. Do they really have a leg to stand on about asking me for extra money at this point in time? I hate that they've got me all distracted at work again. Bastards.
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