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Yo amo los libros

Since I've been in London I've become a reading nut. It's funny; I can't decide if I've had really good luck picking books I enjoy, or if maybe I'd just fallen out of the habit. However, before I left I made a concerted effort to pick out some books by authors I knew I enjoyed (specifically Jo Clayton and Connie Willis) and bring them with me, since the whole "hours spent on public transportation" thing means my opportunities to read are probably quadrupled from what they were before.

And read I have. My latest "see if you can walk down the sidewalk with this one" has been Cecelia Dart-Thornton's The Ill-Made Mute. This was recommended to me by Amazon as "a book other people who bought (books by Ellen Kushner) purchased." With it dense use of fairy lore, lush narrative, and "hey let's tell a story in this story," I found it a book eminently suited to my tastes, in many ways like a Miyazaki movie. It's a bit odd to read a book where the lead character can't speak, but the world the mute saw was completely entrancing to me. Through some bit of good luck (I saw it in Half Priced Books before I left?), I also have the second book in the series, though I'm not sure if it's actually the one I will start next. It's kind of fun to take you time working through a series rather than wolfing it all down at once. I'm guessin it might be time to read another Connie Willis, or maybe to finally read Richard Morgan's Woken Furies. For tonight, though, I'm just going to see about getting into bed early; this cold is sucking the life out of me.
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