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In which I continue to run on fumes

My Friday afternoon calendar at work has the last hour and a half blocked off for a QA strategy meeting. Today's strategy: how to win at cancellation Hearts, or at least cause the maximum amount of pain possible. This strategy was of course communicated over pints, and I'm pleased to say the Green Key pub near work offers 20% off to employees of my company, so 5 pints and an order of cheese-and-bacon covered potato skins were only 13 pounds.

I found out some creepy things about the environment at work. It's not just that the guys like my more lax attitude about time keeping, they also like that I'm not a bully. Apparently when it was announced that the person who was "managing" the group before me was leaving, two of the guys "went for a cup of tea" and went into the kitchen and were basically hugging each other with relief. Wow. It's sad to think of them being abused like that. My attitude of "I'm not better than you, you have important knowledge and skills and I rely on you" is apparently quite different from the "you are below me, I point out your imperfections" attitude of the other person, too. So I guess that when they say the atmosphere has really improved, that the tension has lifted from the team, it's really quite a profound thing. And one of my guys said that in three months, it was the first time he'd gone out for pints with the team. So I think if nothing else, I'm on to a good thing.

Tonight wechsler and I went to see The 39 Steps at the Criterion. It was a clever, clever play, very good stagecraft, super tight acting, and a lot of fun to watch. Of course, it was about as fun to watch wechsler, who was laughing so hard I thought he was going to damage his spleen. shadowdaddy must see it when he gets here!

Well, tomorrow is Argue With The Estate Agents About Fees day, hopefully quickly followed with Get The Keys To The Apartment day, and the rest of the day will to some degree depend on how much energy I have. Seriously, this cold has got me flattened - I've been sitting whenever I can, I can't talk for too long, I'm just worn out. And on that note ...
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