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First day walking to work from my new place

My walk into work today was SO gorgeous. There's a park across the river that I strolled through for about a third of the route (Bishop's Park, it's called, fireworks show scheduled for November 3rd) that has all sorts of lovely trees and some Victorian statues and a rose garden in it. There were just enough people for it not to feel spooky (and a black lab puppy!) but not so many it was crowded.

It was a little misty this morning, and walking next to the river bank was really lovely. I was accompanied much of the way by two crew boats (from either Thames Rowing Club or Rowing Club of London, both of which I saw across the river), and I got to listen to the rowers getting coached by the guy on the support boat. It was really relaxing to listen to his patter, "James, in at the catch ... Neil, hold your oars close in ..." It made me miss rowing in Seattle. Maybe I can sign up there.

The last half of my walk was very quiet, with the wetlands center across the river. Suddenly there was a pier covered with cormorants, seagulls, and a heron, while in the water below I saw three swans. It was so nice. Total time: about half an hour.

Moving in yesterday went fairly smoothly once the road had been negotiated (I'm not sure why it would take an hour to drive from Brixton to Putney, but it did). I unpacked three of my four bags in short order and got the bed made, realizing I'd managed to only bring one pillowcase. Almost all of the kitchen stuff I'd brought was unnecessary, as the flat's kitchen really had the works, even some garbage bags and paper towels. But as I sat there getting hungrier and hungrier (I made a cracker and bacon sandwich for lunch as I was ravenous but didn't want to leave the apartment quite yet), I found my grocery list practically composing itself. I finally made it to Sainsbury's just a an hour before closing, but was limited by only having two arms to carry my loot back to the apartment. Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to remember to get an alarm clock (thank God for the alarm function on cell phones), but I'll remedy that today as well as get my phone and utilities set up (they're all working - except for the phone - and all I need to do is call in the meter readings).

wechsler rode over on his bike (faster than driving!) and we sat in front of the windows and drank some tea and ate some cherry scones and watched the people going over the bridge, the train crossing the other bridge, and finally the twinkling of the lights as the sun went down and the electrics were turned on. Then it was time for some fettucine "carb"onara and a round of Carcasonne (which I lost!), and I felt like the apartment was finally being lived in, even though with so little stuff in it, it basically feels like I've just checked into a nice hotel room.

Needless to say, my mood has greatly improved now that I'm in, even though my cold is still lingering. And for those who asked, here are a few pictures of the flat. (I didn't sort them so you'll want to just click which ones you're interested in off of the index page.)
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