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Temporary schedule for November

I've got a lot of things I want to do in November - have a few people over for a meal on the 25th, see Cabaret, Bent, 7 Brides, the Mamet show at the Donmar, the mixed rep at the Royal Ballet, and, er, probably some other shows, plus take a cruise down the slide at the Tate and maybe see the Goya show. And Starlight Express, though that goes through until December. Ah, the options! But for the record, this is what I've got planned ....
Tueday October 31st: I'm pretty excited about seeing a silent DW Griffith movie at the ICA Nosferatu at the Ritzy if I can get shadowdaddy to want to go.
Wednesday November 1: wechsler comes over for dinner and games.
Thursday November 2: Perverts' Guid to Cinema, ICA.
Friday: watch fireworks at Bishop's Park from our window; dinner, games.
Saturday November 4: Coppelia at 12:30, RNB, trip to Tate, then head out for the evening.
Sunday November 5: Pale Flower at the NFT.
Monday Nov 6: work party leaving from Putney Pier at 6:45 ('til 22:00)
Tuesday Nov 7: wechsler hosts dinner.
Wednesday Nov 8: movie with booklectic (Funeral Parade of Roses, 8.40pm, ICA).
Thurs Nov 9: see Dutch National Ballet
Friday November 10: shadowdaddy makes it to B-movie! Perhaps pre-B curry nearby?
Saturday November 11: Faust, National Theater.
Sunday November 12: Sword of Doom, NFT.
Mon Nov 13: See 7 Brides for 7 Brothers with itsjustaname and shadowdaddy.
Tues Nov 14: BU.
Wednesday Nov 15: dinner with W if BU on Tues.
Thursday November 16th: Traviata at London Coloseum with ergotia (and possibly lilithmagna, and most assuredly shadowdaddy.
Friday November 17th: trip to Wired Aerial Theater at the Royal Opera (5 pounds!).
Saturday November 18: Mexican food housewarming!
Monday Nov 20th: hopefully see ergotia as it is her birthday?
Tuesday November 21: free, probably night at home.
Wednesday Nov 22: dinner in Brixton.
Thurs Nov 23: Frost/Nixon.
Friday Nov 24th: Possibly puppet show at the ROH.
Saturday November 25: dinner party for about six.
Sunday November 26: Yakuza Graveyard at the NFT.
Monday November 27: RNB mixed bill with itsjustaname.
Tuesday November 28: have wechsler over for dinner.
Wednesday November 29: Starlight Express with shadowdaddy and .
That weekend: go to Bath with shadowdaddy (this is Dec 1-3 but I needed to get it on the calendar!)

Can you believe that's it? And I need to figure out in December when ergotia and I (and whoever else) can go see Peter Pan with "the Fonz!" And I want to see The Pervert's Guide to Cinema at ICA, only it's 2 1/2 hours long and starts at 8:15. But I'm a trooper. Are you?

And ... I wonder when someone is going to come and visit us? Anyone? Bueller?

Today I bought a "50 Great Curries" cookbook as well as River Cafe Two Easy at a book sale next door, then went to the farmer's market and got some squash (3, including a Blue Hubbard), some onions and garlic and several varieties of sausage (from the cat-killing spicy Italian to ... well, who knows). I really MUST go to the Borough Market and get a turkey ordered. This afternoon I've been trying not to fall asleep. Woo! On to a second cup of tea it is ...
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