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It's hard to believe shadowdaddy is still not even on the plane yet. Man, that BA non-stop rocks. I'm jealous he gets to fly it. I wonder how his last day is going? I bought him some top-up credit for his sim card so he can call me if he's very late. And I bought some pies at the farmers' market so we have some yummy food for later.

Nerves, nerves. Plans came together for his Saturday night entertainment without my having to lift a finger, and I'm grateful to just step back and relax.

I saw a great movie tonight with spikeylady (an animated movie called Princess), which I'm mostly too tired to talk about right now. I must, however, mention that we got to walk in the movie theater on the red carpet, which was just terribly fun. I have no idea what movie was having its premiere or what stars were being hooted at but we had a good time teasing each other about how famous we are. We also had a delicious meal at Galileo, and a nice long natter.

I'm exhausted and I must go to bed. I'll want to clean up a little bit in the morning before wechsler drives me to the airport to pick up shadowdaddy, but mostly what I need now is to get some sleep and thump the people setting off fireworks, whereever they are.

PS: Three new icons today! I really ought to try working on the job someday.
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