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It's a beautiful Halloween morning, and I'm rambling

Does anyone want to come over and watch fireworks from our apartment on Friday, say from 6-10 or so? We'll provide vegetarian chili and cornbread to eat, plus hot apple cider with or without rum depending on your preferences. I'm not sure exactly what time they're doing the foreworks from Bishop's Park, but I can get that worked out. Us, directly across the Bridge from the Putney Bridge tube station, 8 minutes walk from Putney train station.

The water on the river looks a bit choppy right now, and the sun is reflecting off of it in a way I would almost call flirtatious. I think I'm going to wake up shadowdaddy and see if he wants to walk to work with me. I sure want to walk to work. It's gorgeous out, and, I feel obliged to say, a bit unnaturally warm at fifty-seven degrees. I'm too north for it to be this toasty.

I poured some hot water into a cup of leaves from the competition grade oolong I bought in Seattle right before I left. Even though I'd infused them on Saturday, they were still exquisitely delicious, and the taste of the tea, which for some reason hits the back of my throat, will always remind me of a lovely afternoon with ms_vermilion and splendid_geryon, which I refused to acknowledge would be the last time I came to visit them before I left.

It seems sad that it's Halloween and I'm not geting dressed up today. I'll put the themed hair-holders that spikeylady gave me in and at least show a little pride, but what I really want is a fake nose. Maybe I could use a carrot.

I'm afraid I can't be too excited about getting DSL as it was, I believe, responsible for my getting to bed about an hour past my bedtime last night. I'm a sad person, but I do love geting to read new Auden poems just because I want to, even without my library. (Note: I started what will be the seventh book I've read since I've been here. Not riding the tube to work is sadly reducing the amount of reading I'm getting in, but I don't care all that much. Walking makes me much happier.)
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