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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

The river cafe. so good.

shadowdaddy and I went to the Riverside Cafe for lunch today.

Oh man, It was so good. And I'm so full now. We got the four course prix fixe meal and every bite was delicious. I wish I'd taken pictures. We had mixed meat (prosciutto, salami, culatello, and chicken pate on bruschetta)/ fresh mozarella and figs with white beans for antipasti, lemon tagliatelli in cream sauce/spinach gnocchi for primi, mystery fish (sorry, I don't eat it) with lentils and cherry tomatoes/slices of pork loin with pesto on a bed of chard for secondi, and vanilla ice cream with an espresso shot/pear tart for dolci. Damn. The service was slow but it was just ... ooohhhh.

On the other hand, I certainly didn't feel at home among all the very upscale people eating there. I'd like to go back but at £20 for lunch it's definitely a treat.

Work is meanwhile amusing me: Monday night they're taking us on a boat party that launches from in front of my house (that is SO sweet), and our Christmas party is a Russian Mafia/"From Russia with Love" theme. Who should I dress like? I'm thinking about it SO much harder than I should be!
Tags: food porn, work
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