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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

The first of November finally feels like the first day of autumn

39 degrees? Wow! shadowdaddy got that polartec blanket here just in time.

Last night I actually wore both the silly scarf he found on the streets of Belltown (fuzzy, red and black) and the hat that wordknitter very thoughtfully made for me as a going away present (which I've had in my possession for just a few days). The breeze was really cutting through my office pants at the Vauxhall train station. Time for my warm clothes!

*spaces out and stares out the window*

Well, the movie was pretty good last night, but it was being put on by a group that promotes short films, so not only did they start 15 minutes late, they wasted another half hour of my precious awake time with an incredibly mixed bag of stuff I hadn't paid to see and would have rather skipped (though the film about the kids findng an evil idol in a rabbit was great). Thus, we did NOT make it through to the end of the film. It was a bit slow, anyway, and painful to watch for someone used to seeing restored versions of silents with scores done by people who are familiar with the genre.

Dinner beforehand was down the street (Cold Harbour Lane!) at Asmara, an Eritrean restaurant. Alas, their injera was not made of tef, but semolina, and rather than the extravagant, sharable, plate-filling portions of Lalibela or Mesob, it was a little tablespoon here and a cup-full there. In Seattle, this would have been the weakest of the weak in terms of Ethiopian/Somali/Eritrean cuisine; here, well, I don't even know what the options are but it was described as one of the best in London and that doesn't give me much room for hope. At least we both got out of there for $13 including my soda; that, at least, was like home.

We were home late and I'm tired now and I think despite the sun I'm taking the bus in this morning. It's supposed to be a crazy day at work and I could have used more sleep before it started. Oh well.

PS: Very little celebration of Halloween here. This is far more depressing than not celebrating Thanksgiving.

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