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Birds. Fairies. Pale Flower. Housewarming.

So this weekend we discussed when to have a housewarming party, and it seemed that my preferred date wouldn't work. So an LJ poll ... (please only fill out if you live in London, let's not skew the results!):

Poll #861285 Housewarming

I could come to a housewarming party

Saturday November 18
Sunday November 19

If the party were on Sunday November 19th, I would prefer

Noon to Five or so (afternoon)
Four to Nine or so (evening)

Pale Flower, the movie we saw last night at the NFT, was fantastic. It had all of the best cinematographic aspects of film noir (including a nice scene where the gangster and the crazed lady gambler walked up a staircase and were framed in a way that made it look like they were walking in and out of the cages that made up their lives), with the freakish cultural discombobulation brought up by the whole Japanese gambling thing - the chanting of the dealer, the way the cards never made sense (what, he won with a crysanthemum and a plum branch?), the utter lack of logic of the betting - and the presence of a ethereally beautiful and detached/mentally deranged/amoral lead actress a la Jean Seberg. The next-to-final scene, where beautiful opera plays while the luminscent "flower" watches a man being brutally murdered in public, had my hair standing on end. Ooh, baby. Anything to feel alive. At any rate, I left the movie in a better mood than I arrived (cheered by neither being dead nor in jail), and when shadowdaddy and I made it back to Putney we decided to head over to the Bricklayer's Arms for pints. Oh, people were chatty and friendly there! It really made me wish my brother was around to hang out with us.

I dreamed last night that I was looking at getting a bird again (doubtlessly due to seeing a cockatoo in the movie), and this morning as shadowdaddy and I walked to work along the riverside path, a flock of three Indian ring-necked parakeets flew overhead and landed in a tree. They were very cheeky fellows and actually quite big! I started laughing, and ,as I walked underneath the tree, I could see one of them (a nice pastel green) giving me the eye. That's right, pal, I'm going to put you in a cage and take you home with me.

Yes, I'm thinking about December already. Peter Pan, but when? I'm thinking Saturday the 9th, and then maybe Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake as a matinee on the 17th. If you're interested, speak up here and let's see if we can work out dates. There's also that week between Christmas and New Year's that should allow a lot of play ... as I can't see any way in hell we can afford to go to Egypt until shadowdaddy has a solid month or two of work under his belt.

Tonight, no S.O. work party on a boat; tomorrow, dinner in Brixton.
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