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Today I'll be holding my breath (well, not really)

Everything I've been reading in the New York Times has got me feeling good about the possibilities of the Dems taking over Congress, maybe even the Senate. I don't know, maybe the R's have cooked the election process (via fiddling with Diebold software and jimmying voter rolls) enough to take this one, but I'm hoping it's a landslide against the Rs. The last few years have been a really hard time to be a person who cares about their country. Mine has gone from "land of the free and home of the brave" to "the place where someone could come by your house and take you away in a van and torture you, then stand up and say they were doing it for the good of the country - and people would nod and go about their business." I don't know, when did getting rid of habeus corpus start to sound like a good idea?

At any rate, vote if you can and you haven't. Mine's in the mail, though as I felt it got in rather late I'm comforted that it won't make much of a difference nationally (I'm in a safe D district), and only maybe locally (some measures taking power away from the mayor, the bastard).

Last night's boat ride was fairly fun - London from the water at night is pretty gorgeous. There was a moment where we were sailing toward the Jubilee bridge, and I could see the blue of the Eye on my right, the lines of the supports of the pedestrian segment of the Jubilee bridge shining down from the sky like set pieces from Metropolis, and the jaggedy, yellow lines of the houses of Parliament and Big Ben pulsing upwards between the bridge cables, and the water of the Thames running smooth and black (and reflecting blue/silver/yellow) beneath it all. It was so freaking beautiful.

Alas, I still had an hour on the boat at that point, so I had to make do for entertainment, which in my case was dancing with the only other person in my group who could be bothered to make a spectacle of herself in front of our coworkers. The DJ finally got the hang of it and was cranking out the late 70s disco and funk, so we had a good time (pictures were taken), but the last ten minutes I was mostly just waiting for the Putney Pier to show up. And apparently I disappointed one of my coworkers by not getting completely shitfaced despite the open bar; I stuck to just two drinks and half a cider for the whole evening. What can I say, the bartenders did not know how to mix a drink and I wasn't encouraged by what they could whip up to have more.

Right, off to work. I expect to see a lot of rather bruised faces today.

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