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The violets are shrinking. Bath. My brain.

On Saturday shadowdaddy and I finally made it to the Fulham Garden Center, where we discovered ... a complete lack of African violets. "We had 'em last week," the not-very-helpful shop assistant told me. "I guess we've replaced them with the Christmas decorations." So where DO I get African violets in London? It just shouldn't be that hard!

In other news, we've got a room booked for Bath, so we're all set to do a little weekend out of town the first week of December. Hurray! We haven't been on vacation together since May, and I'm really looking forward to it, especially because the English Touring Opera is bringing their Baroque program to the Theatre Royal. (Maybe Monteverdi's Orfeo isn't everyone's idea of a good evening, but I'm really excited about it.) Apparently the Bath Christmas Market is also taking place at this time. I can't help but feel a creeping horror at the idea of a place where people styling their business as "Beau Jangles" ("beautiful quirky glass gifts") are welcomed. This must explain the excessive use of chintz in decorating most of the B&Bs whose sites I cruised (and cringed at) last night while seeking available accomodation.

The rest of December looks like it will be fairly filled due to an excess of Christmas parties, so I don't think I'll be making too many plans other than panto and Swan Lake. They're also doing a Louise Brooks festival at the NFT, so I'll probably try to fit a few of those films in.

And while we're on the subject: invites! People, please, invite me to do things with you! I've received a paltry quantity of invitations to do things, including the "coming to visit" things (maybe 4 in two months?), which I find extremely sad given that (tiny violin) I've pretty much been hit with "struggling with move-based emotional difficulties" every single weekend since I've been here. I fill up my schedule because keeping busy keeps me from being blue, but really, I'd like to be seeing people more. Last minute invites for drinks, "let's go see a movie," come on! (And, sadly, I've been having problems at parties due to Bad of the Brane, but I will keep going to large social events until I stop feeling ... weird ... when I'm there. And that's what the sneaking out thing is about, if you were wondering: Bad of the Brane.)
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