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My day at $howboat

Release team: You give us too much work, we give you magic tool to do it yourself, now screw off and leave us alone!
My dev team: Your magic tool does not work!
Release team: Uh ...

Release manager; You say all of those things are working wrong, give me extensive list of supporting data and tell me where your list of silly issues came from!
Me: Um, the list is attached to the email you're replying to, and the extensive list of supporting data is contained in this bug XXXX.
Release manager (privately): What a good list you have! I see you must not be needing our help.
Me (to developer): Am I supposed to be doing his job? What's the value add here?
Developer: Is that guy dead yet? I've been waiting for it but it hasn't happened yet.
Tags: $howboat, software humor, work
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