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$howboat tragedy - comedy

Site Team Guy: You are head person and you are responsible for every problem!
Me: I did not do the thing you are yelling at me about.
Site Team Guy: But you are head person!
Me: I still didn't do the thing you are yelling about. All I want to know is if you are going to fix it.
Site Team Guy: I go yell at the other person! *heads off to abuse another coworker*
Me: *grabs and slaps*
Site Team Guy: No, really, I am going to fix it!

(over lunch)
Me: So the site team guy looked liked Site Team Boss had just taken him out to the woodshed ...
Test Boss Peer People: *silence*
Me (wondering if corporal punishment is really so forbidden): That is where in American we spank our children.
Test Boss Peer Person 1: That's not quite what it means here.
Test Boss Peer Person 2: It's actually quite different.
Test Boss Peer Person 3: But I could definitely see where Site Team Guy would have been very upset if that had happened ...

Test Boss Peer Person 1: So he rides his motorcycle into work 2 hours each way every day.
Test Boss Peer Person 2: And complains about it all day long.
Test Boss Peer Person 3: I've seen him in his leathers.
Me: Was that when he took you out to the woodshed?

Test Boss Peer Person 1: So I've interviewed some people for test jobs that used to test porn, like on cellphones.
Test Boss Peer People: *laughter*
Test Boss Peer Person 1: Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "raising a defect."
Test Boss Peer Person 2: Did you ask them if they used the V-model?
Test Boss Peer Person 1: We'd probably better talk about something else.
Tags: $howboat, testing humor, work

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