Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Rarely has the New York Times sent me home in such a good mood

I only wish I could roust irrationalrobot or ciphergoth online, for today's NY Times article on how science should stand up against religion just warmed me to the heart. I quote: Dr. Porco said, “Let’s teach our children from a very young age about the story of the universe and its incredible richness and beauty. It is already so much more glorious and awesome — and even comforting — than anything offered by any scripture or God concept I know.” Man, I think this rates changing the name of my journal.

It's good I had some interesting articles to read, though, as I was at the bus stop for about 15 minutes waiting for my bus. (Brr!) I left at 7 because I just couldn't get caught up with all of my work, thanks to the two hour long freaking vendor meeting for what I'll call "Ass Site" I wasted my time attending, and had to just keep marching forward with getting the emails sent out about trying to get my test environment working and BLAH BLAH really the New York Times article was great.

Once home, the cassoulet was NOT a go, and neither were my tacos as I had no taco meat left! I'll spare you my further culinary gyrations (which did result in food making it on our plates as always) and say GOD I HATE TRYING TO LIVE IN MY BUDGET but the pain of this is much relieved by the fantastic care package I got in the mail from vorona today! FOUR cooking magazines, just in time for Thanksgiving, and FIVE chocolate bars black as the blackest corner of my heart. God, it makes me happy to be sitting here nibbling chocolate that would peel the taste buds off the tongues of gentler mortals (or, shall I say, "ladies") and reading food porn. I'm sorry we're not watching a movie or anything right now, but I have to say this: All The Pleasures of This Evening Brought To You By vorona.
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