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I have a few things to be happy about today

1. I decided not to walk to work, even though the weather looked fairly good. A bus was crossing the street just as I was waiting to cross myself; I didn't run for it, but (happily) the next one was only two minutes behind! And then ... as I was standing under the shelter, it started to rain buckets but I wasn't walking through it. I win!

2. After being so miserable about my money sitch, I got paid today! Apparently this is the last Friday of the month, and thus payday. The lion's share of this check is going toward rent, but it's still cheering, even if I won't be buying new boots until after Christmas.

3. Everyone on my team is blocked today. We found no bugs yesterday and there is NOTHING for us to do today. So I asked my boss's boss for money to take everyone out to lunch ... and he agreed! Chicken couscous and two glasses of wine later, and my job seems most tolerable. And I do think the team morale is much higher.

4. Everyone on the team is being silly today. We're passing around geek jokes, and I'd post them here but I would have to change the names and someone might ask me to explain the stuff that I don't get. So ... how about this? A status email came out from the CTO saying our customers rate their satisfaction with our website at 7.8 out of 10, up from 7.5 a year ago. "But," comments Ye Developer of Snarkke, "That has a margin of error of 2." This is my idea of funny.

Show at ROH tonight, dinner tomorrow, Kinji Fukasuku movie Sunday. Good weekend ahead. This should help fight off my Friday blues!

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