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T + 10 - the mysteries of foreign poultry

Well, getting the bird in the oven was actually a bit more of an affair than I expected. While the packaging bragged about how this was a turkey with dark feathers, I really felt they could have made a bit more of an effort to actually get them all OUT of the bird. I don't want gravy with feathers in it, thanks. Pictures will follow of me with my tweezers out. At any rate, as near as I can tell this turkey spent its life on a bird resort and probably had a martini glass in its hand until the last five minutes of its life, at least according to what the info in the package said (kindly provided by Kelly Turkeys).

shadowdaddy has made himself proud with his pie, except for the part where it's not done yet and now he has to fuss over it. My cornbread-sausage stuffing (an amalgamation of two different recipes, with homemade cornbread instead of box) is in the fridge, waiting for closer to time. I'm having some fruit juice because I'm feeling dehydrated. Now I'm going to take a shower and dream of a nap and maybe, just maybe, run downstairs to try on those boots.
Tags: london, thanksgiving

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