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Yesterday at work was long and hard, but featured an amusing interview with such quips as:

Me: Tell me about $howboat!
Interviewee: $howboat was founded in 1999 ... [quotes a bunch of stuff off of the website] ... and in 2004 won the Queen's Award!
Me: I'm an American, so I don't know a lot of these things, but tell me, what is the "Queen's Award?"
I: It's an award ... from the queen?

At home, shadowdaddy and I enjoyed Thanksgiving leftovers with wechsler, who nobly marched forward with a near insurmountable pile of food blocking the way (pie, turkey, stuffing, squash, rice stuffing, and a few yams and potatoes, with fresh gravy). While they chilled out, I took what was left and filled two meat pies and made a turkey noodle soup (I'd already made the stock, so I just chopped up the rest of the turkey and added some nice noodles and vegetables). Afterwards we played Ticket to Ride, in which I was shamefully schooled due to overreaching myself with three sea-to-shining-sea tickets (instead of being up 55 points I ended down 34. So humiliating!). Then it was goodbye to the last two slices of chocolate pecan pie, and by golly, the night was over. Tonight the three of us are going to see Starlight Express, but first, I need to get through another day of chaos - with only three hours of meetings to yesterday's four and half, this should be a cakewalk.


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Nov. 29th, 2006 10:46 am (UTC)
But actually
I actually knew what the award was, but since she just seemed to be parroting everything back to me that she'd read I wanted to see if she could explain what she was talking about.

All in all it was such a funny interview that I think I'm going to stick up some more quotes. :-)
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