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Interview today at Tripadelic

Alright, the dog is medicated and the tomato plant is watered. Now I'm going to get my pilates clothes on and hit the 11:30 class at Mind and Body studios (satisfying item 8 on my to-do list, "buy new class card before prices go up), then come home, put on my interview clothes, and go to Koraku for some fine Japanese food at rock-bottom prices. This should keep me on time for my 2 PM interview at Expedia. I am very curious how far away this is from a real interview since it's only going to be 45 minutes long. Tonight I'm going to avoid a neighborhood meeting, possibly in favor of the 5 PM "Le Roi et le Oiseau" that I missed last night. We'll see.

Oh yeah, we watched "Castle in the Sky" by Miyazaki the night I was recovering from food poisoning. His movies are all so good! I'm pretty sure what we have is a pirated DVD set, though.

Update: Oops. Miscalculated amount of time to get clothes together for interview and am now too late for Pilates. What else is on my list?
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