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A day of recovery from ... the week

Today was my ideal Sunday: I got up, shadowdaddy made me (and wechsler) breakfast, I ate, then I fell back asleep on the couch and dozed until about 1:30. I slept great, too, really nice comfortable warm sleep with the big polartec blanket wrapped around me, on our couch from back home, a slow enough drop into unconsciousness that I was really able to savor it. MMMMmmmm.

When I woke up, wechsler made me a cup of tea, then I tried to wend my way into full consciousness while I rather slowly composed a grocery list. I realized by the time I was done that I wasn't really going to be able to get our lunch-food shopping done and lunch made in time to make a movie, even though I tried to be quick. (I also made the mistake of shopping when I was hungry, so in addition to getting the requested Jaffa cakes - but the mini ones because they were cute - and chocolate roll things, I also bought raspberry/vanilla rolls, raspberry tarts, and, pink wafer cookies.)

Now lunch is eaten, the sun is setting (how I loathe this time of the year!), and my energy level is well-represented by a straight line drawn at carpet height. I've got some tea I made for shadowdaddy and me sitting on the coffee table, and I'm staring out the window, spacing out a bit. The Christmas tree is up but I didn't find fairy lights while I was out so it's looking a bit naked; given that its entirely made of tinsel, it's still pretty impressive. I feel like I've been a bit of a slug, but instead I should just look at my condition as being relaxed. I wonder if I'll ever get to see Pandora's Box now?
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