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Sharp right turn - the attack

I was just attacked by a crazy woman at the park near my house who thought my dog got too close to her kids. Shadow was on a down, but Lily was running laps, and didn't so much as breathe on her kids. She didn't hurt me, other than one scratch. The woman seemed to have no concept of what "assault and battery" was and that it wasn't actually legal for her to beat me up because she thought I was a threat. And yeah, I could have stayed away from her and "shut up" when she told me to shut my mouth, but I was trying to round up the dog and the toy that was directly behind her - and I wanted to talk to her about what she was so damn angry about - well, before she started hitting me. Her husband (some Rasta dude) just sat there and kind of laughed about the whole thing. She wound up getting arrested though. I wouldn't have called the cops but she pissed me off after I threw her off of me and she insisted that she was in the right to hit me. Should I write more about it? I'm all tense and unhappy now. Thank goodness one of my across the street neighbors was there to see the whole thing and call the cops when I asked her to. Oh yeah, the woman's parting shot as she walked away (before the cops showed up) was something like,"You people have all been moving in the neighborhood and you think you own it now." Like she wasn't just some tan white woman. And crap, I've been living in the neighborhood for some time and I've never seen HER before.

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