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I am so damned tired. But let's ask you to inspire me instead of kvetching.

I was looking at the end of the year meme some folks are doing and began to wonder: what kind of resolutions do I want for next year? Specifically: what books should I resolve to read? So to answer that question, I'll ask:

If you were resolving to read, say, two-four books next year, what books would they be, and why? I think my resolutions will probably be based on reading books (even though my very low "read two more Faulkner books" resolution was a failure, I did read the two Steinbecks I set as my easy-to-achieve goal), and I'd like to get some inspiration, even if it's just for the more general shared pleaure of reading, and not necessarily because I think people will recommend books I'm interested in.

Otherwise, work totally exhausted me today, but truly I showed up exhausted. I left a little early to go to Pilates, and I'm a bit stressed that my boss will look upon me poorly as I did not stay to mop up all of today's problems. But really, truth be told, I could have stayed all night and not solved these issues - they are problems the developers need to fix. It's quite frustrating. I did like Pilates but I was a zombie for the whole class.

Meanwhile, in Remembrance of Things Past, the narrator is talking about dealing with boring people at parties, and I'm finding it all very amusing.
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