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I like to look at light in motion

I had a nice time at the light/sound exhibit at the V&A that shadowdaddy and robot_mel and I went to tonight. I also enjoyed the company - had a nice catchup with RM about who this splendid_geryon character is, though it's possible that I will wind up only able to say I knew him as he was, as he was evolving at the speed of light when I left Seattle.

Afterwards J and I caught a snack at one of the three cheapie eats joints in South Kensington, this the Oriental Canteen, four pound wonton noodle soup, same price for Singapore noodles (which we both found delicious), 3 pound good serving of fried dumplings, 1 pound for four little eggrolls, tea 1 pound for two and free refills, exactly what you hope for when you go to a cheap Chinese joint. We'll go back and I promise we'll post its actual name. (Later: I looked it up so now I'm sure.)

Picked up a pile of free books outside the used bookshop near Putney Bridge Station. I was drawn to the cover of "The Animal Kingdom: Why? Whence? Whither?" with its horrible drawings of gibbons, wolves, and dinosaurs. I'm not sure what it's about, quite, but apparently it's in a series that includes "The Revelation of God in Nature and Humanity," "God and Beauty," "God and You," (it improves, bear with me) "Immortality and You," "God, Commonwealth, and Afterlife," "Dusk and Dawn: A Dramatic Trilogy," and (drum roll) "From Monteverdi to Sibelius" (you, good reader, are asked to find the connection). I think I'll try to read it a bit, but I have a strange feeling about this one ...

No firm plans for Friday or Saturday, though I really want to see either the Nutcracker or (a cheap) panto. Anyone else interested? Who knows, maybe Friday I'll wind up at the Dev, too.
Tags: cheap eats in london, museums, things i left behind
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