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They're coming to take me away, hah hah

I caught myself using "blagging" instead of "BSing" this week. What's next, I say, "Cheers!" when someone holds the door open for me and I start spelling theater with the R and E transposed? Good Lord. I'm going native.

At any rate, I am still holding out and drinking LEAF tea, without any filthy milk or spoiling sugar added to it - and today I'm doing this sitting in front of my living room window, looking outside at what is already a very nice day and writing some thank you cards to some nice people I know, getting ready to do more unpacking.

I had a good laugh last night while reading A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down, which has a chapter on "How Other People Make Their Tea Wrong Unless They Make It the Same Way You Do" or something along those lines. It ends with these words of wisdom, entitled "Our Tea Policy:

"Well, the thing about tea is that everyone just drinks it the the way they like it. Generally, we make it in mugs, one tea bag - PG Pyramids - for every two mugs. Put the hot water in first, then give it a bit of a stir before adding the milk. Simple. Oh, and we don't add sugar.

If you drink any other sort of tea, that's fine. Just so long as you know it's wrong."
Tags: cultural differences, tea
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